About us

S*Vilda Western´s is a smaller scale cattery and we use to have 1-2 litter in a year.

My family, consisting of husband and three children, lived in Härjedalen for 22 years. The first 12 years we lived in Västra Härjedalen. We used to say that we lived in Wild West. This nickname is because of the large, open and deserted tundra´s, squeezed in between rolling highland and mountains (fjäll). People are scares but for those who live here, hunting Elk, rabbits, birds and fox is often second nature and next to holly – and it means there is a lot of shooting going on. It brings a lot of guest hunters to these parts of the country. So, that´s why my catterys name is Vilda Western.

After 12 years in Funäsdalen we moved to Sveg. Sveg is a little more urban but breeding cats in Härjedalen would prove to be a difficult task. It means hours spend in the car, on lonly roads, going to cat-shows and quite a hike for potential buyers to travel. After a few years in the business I neutered my females and enjoyed them as cuddly family cats. Unfortunately, age will take its toll, and right before we moved to Umeå, we lost the last one and were without cat.

Other then cats the family has always had at least one dog. We used to have a wonderful, big, white King Poodle and a little Dachhound mix – hence my email address. Sadly we lost them in the spring 2003, with only 3 weeks apart. They got to be 9 and 13 years old.

The children are grown up and our oldest daughter lives in US, our son lives in south of Sweden and the youngest daughter in Denmark.

We have, at the moment, 4 PERSIAN females and 1 neutered female and a ragdoll female.

The kittens I breed will be raised with the family and be used to socialize with all the noises that come along with everyday modern life. They will have been vaccinated twice, have the proper identification, be dewormed and inspected by a veterinarian. And of course registered in SVERAK.

We are members of the cat club Björkstakatten.